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Belize Central America - the Caribbean. Beautiful place a lot of people may not know where it is, but this is where I call home. I grew up on the south side of Belize in a small neighborhood call Ben Bow Street. As you know in the Caribbean hip hop was not ideally the main genre to be played so I was mainly raised hearing reggae, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube and many more amazing Icons. Along with a mixed culture of music like reggaeton and our native Garifuna music of punta and native creole music like paranda and bruk down. When I was younger I used to always come home from school and watch '106 and Park'. Keep in mind, Belize has always been a slightly westernized country because we watch American television.

How I ended up knowing I wanted to be a Rapper

Since early childhood, I went to a party at about 10 to 12 years old and they were throwing CDs and I caught one. When I got home I played it on my lil disc player with the head phones. It was Biggie Smalls Ready to Die album, my favorite song was Juicy. From then I knew I wanted to be a Rapper. You know a big guy, smooth living, the life - I was like this is what wanted to do.

First off I had to get my English right then I went into trying to get better. I was messing with rap and hip hop all through elementary school and high school. I met up with bro Kevin he was in a group but we use to make music every day after a wile i worked my way up and my music got better and I got in the group. After a while Kevin started making beats and ended up getting signed as an artist and producer to an Independent label called Head Concussion records owned by Rvssian. All that just inspired me that I can really push and take it to a next level.

So I took one of the many songs I had worked on, Kevin being my producer better known as King Kosa now. I took my own funds and put it into my art. I worked with one of the best people that does videos in Belize called Ignite Production, very professional people with quality equipment and their work is always spectacular. They loved the song I chose to do the video because it was controversial. The name of the single is Cocaine. I talked about some of the characteristics of the drug in the song and how it is in Belize. But for me the name and the idea is a metaphor cause I came up with it saying my music is cocaine if you hear it you need to hear more. So I put together the script and the director Carlo Habet and the team at Ignite made it come alive. Check out the video and pay attention to my career as try to take my self and Belize further

My label MANIFEST EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT AND MYSELF BIG BANG BEING MY FIRST ARTIST. I'm a strong believer in everything that you really want and desire if your willing to push and make sacrifices for you can get it and this is what I want to do so hopefully I inspire you.

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Cocaine Video Shoot 2016
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